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Emerging Hub

Axiom Farms Cooperative is part of a unique concept, a vegan restaurant, boutique grocery store, and food hub to serve the food desert and local farmers. Axiom Farms Cooperative is addressing local food challenges facing the Midlands by working at both the supply and demand side of the issue. By working with farmers to increase their production/distribution skills and connecting these farmers to wholesale markets, farmers have a great opportunity for success and sustainability. Axiom Farms Cooperative works with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to facilitate seminars on various programs offered by the state and technical assistance.  Post harvest, Axiom works with farmers on the logistics and sale of their product through the organization’s food hub. the organization is well-positioned to serve as a statewide food hub due to its central location and freeway access.  At the consumer side, Axiom has both a Cafe and Grocery to provide a market outlet for local product while increasing food access for residents. Axiom Farms Cooperative provides information that helps the consumer’s understanding of the benefits of locally-produced food products and assistance and services regarding agricultural capacity building strategies. The consumer facing businesses run by Axiom include Rare Variety Café which offers 100% vegan products ranging from locally sourced southern fried cauliflower to hummus and herbal teas and a small neighborhood grocery store.  



4622 N Main St, Columbia, SC 29203

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